The Cranberry Juice Boy and The Teacup Girl

It was one of those lovely summer evenings when it feels like a shame to eat indoors.  A friend and I went to a local Mexican restaurant that we like.  It has a wooden outdoor patio with  overhead trellis work which allows for a feeling of privacy.  Like most outdoor restaurants, it looks a lot more comfortable than it is when you’re actually eating there.  Still, it’s pleasant enough.

As we were enjoying our first round of margaritas, a family sat down nearby; a youngish couple with two boys who appeared to be about ten and eight.  The waitress came over to to see if they wanted to order something to drink.  I’m not sure what the parents or the older son asked for but when the younger boy placed his order, it got my attention. “I’d like cranberry juice with some sparkling water.”  Not a Coke or a Diet Pepsi, but ‘cranberry juice with sparkling water’.  I suppose it could have been worse….it might have been ‘cranberry juice with a splash of club soda.’  For some reason, (actually, I know the reason-it’s kind of unattractive) that incident has stayed with me.

  A related story………..

I have a friend who works part-time at a local, upscale boutique.  Recently she told me about a visit made by a woman and her seven year old daughter.  As they were poking around the store, they came across a platinum plated dildo/vibrator. (Why that was in the store is anyone’s guess…maybe the $500. price tag.)   The young girl asked her mother what the object was.  It seems to me that there were a number of choices  available to the mother in responding to her daughter.  She might have chosen to distract her and move on to some other shiny object.  Or possibly, say to her that this was just some ‘grown-up’ thing that she’s too young to understand.  But, this being Park Slope, the mother took a different route.  “Do you know how you sometimes like to touch and rub your ‘teacup’?  Well, this kind of helps with that.”  The little girl countered …”but you told me not to play with my ‘teacup'”.  To which the girl’s mom said, “no, I just said that you should leave your ‘teacup’ alone when you’re in public.”  According to my friend, there was not much more ‘teacup’  talk and the rest of the store visit was uneventful.  But the story got me thinking…wondering if there’s a whole lot of  difference between playing with your ‘teacup’ and  talking about your ‘teacup’ in public.   But mostly, it got me thinking how grateful I am that I’m a coffee drinker.


2 Responses to “The Cranberry Juice Boy and The Teacup Girl”

  1. bob Says:

    so if playing with your teacup is a euphemism for “you know what,”
    you’re being grateful you’re a coffee drinker is a euphemism for…please say you’re not doing that!!!

  2. Maria Basescu Says:

    Remind me to tell you about the little girl, her grandma and the Subaru…..

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