It ain’t me babe

I have a famous namesake.  At least,  he’s a lot more famous than I am.  So, if you google me, you get this guy.  Unfortunately, a lot of what he’s famous for is being in trouble with the law.  Not terrible stuff,mostly white collar transgressions (my favorite kind) .  He’s a restaurateur who has at various times owned and operated some well known, upscale restaurants in Philadelphia.   He seems to be good at that….not so good at paying his taxes.

He’s ruining what’s left of my  good name and I don’t know quite what  to do about it.  Also, he’s older than I am and, in all modesty, worse looking than I am.  So again, if you’re looking ME up you get an uglier and older version who’s a crook.  There’s something grossly unfair about this. But then again, it  could be a  lot worse.  Think about all the guys out there named Jeffrey Dahmer.  Now that’s a real problem.

(or even worse than that… the guy on the RIGHT could have my name!)


6 Responses to “It ain’t me babe”

  1. Sandy Says:

    gosh Neil, you must have a lot of spare time for all of this. Well, I guess I do too, cause I’m readin’ it. Actually, the Neils do resemble eachother a bit………….

  2. claudia Says:

    THAT is funny. however it does appear that i too have too much time on my hands, ah well.

  3. bob Says:

    happy to have originally sent you the name of the infamous imposter!

  4. If A Tree Falls On An Editor……. « Ironicman's Blog Says:

    […] There is a posting on this very blog (“It Ain’t Me Babe” that I wrote a few months ago about my Philadelphia namesake who, not so incidentally, has a bit […]

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