What I Did for Lent (sung to tune from Chorus Line)

I’ve  been looking at my postings and I notice that there seems to be a Jewish theme running through many of them.  Believe me, I don’t want to be known as the Jewish blogger or be considered TOO Jewish.

So  belatedly, for Lent, I’m giving up all semitic references. As of  right now.  Oy vey, this is going to be hard.  Does anyone know when Lent ends?


7 Responses to “What I Did for Lent (sung to tune from Chorus Line)”

  1. Maria Basescu Says:

    My first roommate in college announced she was going to give up ice cream for Lent. I said who is this guy and why would you give up ice cream for him? (I guess what I’m saying is I’m not exactly an expert in lent.)

  2. bob Says:

    The D.O.C. (dept. of corrections) was about to bring charges against you for spelling blogger, blooger. You were probably cleaning out a booger while writing the blog and combined the two,
    Consider yourself lucky you changed the bog was before being
    slapped with a fine.

  3. andrea Says:

    thank you for making your blog culturally diverse.
    it just ended sunday for the Greeks and ended last Sunday for the rest of the gentiles.
    although, if you look in the Bible, I do not believe Jesus fasted for 40 days before Easter…

  4. ed Says:

    Lent ends with Easter. Or ended with Easter. When The Lord rose, left the tomb and said, “Pork for everyone!”

  5. Erma Globerman Says:

    So sorry Neil, but with that nose, you’ll never be mistaken for anything else but Jewish. ANd of course the self deprecating humor. Like Woody.
    But in no other way are you like him!

    As for Lent, dont know; don’t care. I am still eating matzoh brei! Erma

  6. neil stein Says:

    i think neil’s nose is quite nice.

  7. ed Says:

    No commenting on your own nose after midnight!

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