A Dog Day Afternoon

Really cute!  Beyond cute.  But I know that there must be more important things, other than Bo’s arrival,  happening in the world that could use some  news coverage.   For example, I got a pretty bad splinter yesterday.  I know, I know, that might only be important to me…..so maybe that’s  not such a good example.  But I’m sure there must be some underreported story out there  with more universal interest.    Say,  a hi-jacking….oh wait, they’re doing that ( a lot).  Maybe something else.

In any event, I for one, wish that the Obamas had adopted  an ugly dog…..just for balance.  The parents are gorgeous and the kids just  seem so perfect.  And that house they’re living in….come on!  I think they’ve missed an opportunity to show that they’re ‘just plain folks’.  Hopefully,  there’s a blind, three-legged cat in the works.


One Response to “A Dog Day Afternoon”

  1. Where Have You Gone Bo Dimaggio? « Ironicman's Blog Says:

    […] came across a blog that I had written around the time the Obamas were getting their puppy, Bo. ( https://ironicman.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/a-dog-day-afternoon/)  I have to say, even by my rigorous standards, the posting has a certain charm to it, both in […]

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