you can’t be too careful

I came across an article  the other day about a man who upon leaving his doctor’s office had a coughing fit and coughed up an old nail.  Apparently, it had been lodged in his sinus for possibly twenty or thirty years.  He had been having headaches and had gone for an MRI.  The magnetic qualities of the machine may have dislodged the nail and it had worked its way down to his throat.  When told about the nail in his sinus cavity, the man said that in his youth he had worked as a carpenter.  He added that he had no recollection of inhaling a nail.  As if, it was an incident he may have forgotten.  That,  had he known at the time that he had inhaled a nail,  there was a chance it might have slipped his mind to do something about it. 

    I’ve been having sinus problems lately.  And  I’ve been inhaling for what seems like forever.   I’m not sure how large a sinus cavity is,  but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s not some little nasal museum developing in mine.


One Response to “you can’t be too careful”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    Is it possible that you inhaled a paper clip or staple–or even a tennis ball– without realizing it?

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