Not quite Burma Shave

I was driving on an Interstate in Pennsylvania the other day.  From out of nowhere a road sign appeared…”to report aggressive drivers, call ____’. This was a gift from the gods….a chance to make a ‘citizen’s arrest’.  I grabbed for my cell phone while simultaneiously fishing in the glove compartment for a pen and paper (to write down license plate numbers).  I quickly realized that doing all this at 70mph was, while not aggressive, certainly stupid. 

  Disappointed, I continued on my trip.  I was hoping to see a companion sign..’to report passive drivers……’.   Of course, that didn’t happen.  But further on in my  journey, I passed a sign which I’m almost certain read, ‘to report passive-aggressive drivers call___’  And,  I know you’re not going to believe me but I think  that the telephone number cited was my therapist’s’.   I wonder how he feels about that.


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